Pizza Buzz

P1020129 (800x600)P1020103 (752x800)Pizza is one of my treat foods, much like pasta; I try to have it only occasionally so that the novelty of eating it remains.  There is something about the combination of dough, tomato and cheese that is immensely comforting. So humble in its origin, universal in its appeal and with the possibility to be so diverse in flavour, the pizza has become part of our culinary map. Done well using great produce, little is more satisfying, neglected; and it becomes a travesty, too doughy, bland, or just a plain commercial mess.  Luckily, Pizza Buzz is of the former category, positioning itself with its quality, alongside the likes of Franca Manca and Pizza Pilgrims, a member within the burgeoning London pizza scene.

Situated on Worship Street, a ten minute walk from Old Street station, Pizza Buzz is in a prime location with a venue that can cater for large capacities; both eat in and takeaway, without feeling alarmingly full. The décor is bright and modern, saved from feeling cold by the large illustrations that feature around the restaurant. Drawn by the incredibly talented Sheffield based artist George Law, the colourful drawings appeal to adults and children alike and serve the purpose of unifying the large space and making it inviting.P1020104 (600x800)Refreshingly for those with children this is a restaurant created with kids in mind. From the goodie bags given at the beginning of the self-service queue to the soda machine containing more flavours of pop than you knew imaginable, there is a strong emphasis on fun. The entire process of ordering at Pizza Buzz is interactive, from the charismatic welcome given by Mo and his team to watching your pizza being made and then choosing your own soft drink. You can imagine being a kid, filled with the excitement of responsibility, in charge of creating your own personal pizza.P1020106 (800x600)

For adults too, there is a lot to love. Pizza Buzz offers five different bases from the classic margarita to the more unusual, Verde, a pizza with a pine nut pesto alternative to the tomato sauce. Next there are the toppings, all of which are ethically sourced and of the upmost quality. There is a great range of charucterie and fresh cheese available as well as a wide selection of freshly prepared vegetables, both cooked and raw. For those who find the advent of choice daunting, Pizza Buzz has also selected a range of their favourite pizzas to make the process simpler.P1020107 (800x525)P1020120 (800x600)There is also an interesting selection of beers on offer including Gladiator, a beer made from spelt. We opted to try Pizza Buzz’s bottomless deal, available 6-9pm Monday to Friday, in which you receive unlimited sparkling Glera wine and two pizzas of your choice. After much deliberation we settled on one with a Rossa base, gorgonzola, fennel salami, cherry tomatoes, olives and pine nuts and the other with a Verde base, nduja, pepperoni, basil and fresh burrata. Both were fantastic, in particular the dough itself, which was light and less heavy than your normal pizza due to it being made with half plain and half spelt flour. The only qualm would be that there could be more sauce dispersed to the edges of the pizza, but this is a matter of personal preference.P1020131 (800x600)P1020119 (600x800)

What makes Pizza Buzz stand out from other pizza establishments however is their ability to cater for people with specific dietary requirements. There is a gluten free pizza available, the only base not made in house to ensure that it is 100% free from gluten. A no cheese option, the Rossa, comes as standard which is great for vegans as it avoids the uncomfortableness of having to ask for something that isn’t on the menu. Even their Mamoo ice cream is sensitive to dietary issues, with delicious almond milk and goats milk ice cream available.P1020112 (600x800)

Pizza purists may shudder at the amount of modifications made by Pizza Buzz, but I for one am all for this type of experimentation, especially if it means creating a space where everyone can enjoy pizza regardless of their diet.

Pizza Buzz, Alphabeta Building, 2 Worship St, London EC2A 2AH £ 7/10